Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Need of an Update

You would think that with an entire Summer I would've at least posted once. Nope.
Summer is almost gone and I guess I have been busy!

Sweetmint Movie Update:
We are anxiously awaiting the news whether or not Sweetmint has been accepted into the 2010 Milwaukee Film Festival. The movie is just about complete, although I have heard that Christian has been editing the sound some more. Here is the link to the new website: Sweetmint. It features the trailer, the blog, and has a complete cast list. How exciting!

Job Update:
I have been working at Office Max lately(since June) and it is working out pretty well. I can't say it's my dream job, but it isn't so bad as retail jobs go. I will be trained in the Impress(graphic design/printing) department hopefully next week. *crosses fingers*

Obsessions Update:
Another trend I have found myself being sucked into lately is Steampunk. If you are unfamiliar with Steampunk it is a fashion trend that includes a mostly Victorian style of dress with added futuristic gadgets, gizmos, and goggles! Basicially as they eloquently say on "It is as if the future had existed in the past". It is a lot of fun! I have already ordered some brass buttons, and clock parts, and chains to begin making jewelry. If you go to and search 'steampunk' there are tons of pages filled with people selling jewlery, clothing, and accessories devoted to Steampunk. There is a Steampunk ball August 26th downtown Milwaukee that (I hope I asked off of work in time for) I am getting ready to attend. It should be awesome! I found a dress at Goodwill that should work and also am starting to design some jewlery and goggles. really helped with diy tutorials and videos.
Steampunk Outfits
DIY Steampunk Goggles

I will post pictures of the results later! For now enjoy the videos and check out the Steampunk Ball event on facebook!
Steampunk Victorian Ball

Cya next time!

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