Friday, January 22, 2010

Zombie Dream

I had a weird dream about Zombies last night. It was not really that scary. Pretty much it was at Mom and Dad's house, but the Zombies weren't after me really. I was watching what was going on with a bored expression, like this was a bad and not scary movie that I was watching for the 100th time. The creatures munched on friends and family or chased them through shopping malls and appeared on airplanes instead of flight attendants, but I remained calm and bored throughout the whole dream.

Line Dancing

Last night was pretty fun! Kevin and Leah invited us to go to their bar where they teach couples line dancing. This place is just over the Wisconsin-Illinois border in a town called Waukegan. The bar is called Sundance Saloon and we had a good time! It was not line dancing like we thought it was going to be, but it was still fun. Instead, they were teaching couples how to do Westcoast Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, and other dances. The teacher was very particular on how you danced, which helped us learn fast. He said I was a quick study, which made me feel like that one year of couples dance class with Stephanie a few years ago has paid off. If anyone would like to try, we are going line dancing on Wednesday night sometime.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Name Change

We decided to change the name of our blog. The previous name felt really cheesy, so we went with the living dead thing. Woo!


I decided to put some poetry on this blog. I love writing and have been interested in writing since I learned how. When I was in first grade I decided I wanted to be a writer. I wrote a book about a Zoo. The zookeeper messed up and gave the tigers fish and the seals steak and the giraffes seeds or something. I still have it somewhere and it is fun to look at something I put so much heart into when I was younger. I just found a nice poetry website where you can submit your own poetry for others to read and also look at famous poets' great masterpieces.
It is called and if you love poetry and writing it, you should check it out. Here is a poem that I wrote last year I believe. Enjoy!

I Lay Down In The Grass
By: Katy Walker

I lay down in the grass
And gazed upon the weeds
I wish I could just float away
Like dandelion seeds
They start life bright and yellow
But when they want to go
They dance and spin and steal the breeze
Upon it they do flow
It’s so unfair
I did declare
Before plucking one said stem
Dandelions have all the fun
And in anger I did stare
I watched the white and puffy weed
With malice undefined
Why can’t I be a dandelion?
Life’s unfair I cried
I took a giant breath
And blew against the weed
It held for but a moment
Before escaping in the breeze
I watched the dancing seeds
And as they floated by
I snatched one quickly by the skirt
And whispered one small cry
Oh little seed please take my wish
And help it to come true
Take to the air
And do take care
Let me someday leave too

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Glee For Me

I used to never watch TV. There never was anything good on and didn't really have any time. Recently though I have gotten into TV. There are several shows that have great writing, cinematography, and acting. One of these shows add a musical element which means it is the best thing ever for me. That show is Glee and I am addicted. I am, in fact, a Gleek. You can check it out at . They have videos, pictures, and full episodes on here are also

They are going to have auditions for some new characters coming into the show. I am going to audition (online video) and hopefully make it! : )

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lovely Bones

I really want to see 'The Lovely Bones' directed by Peter Jackson. I read the book awhile ago and loved it. I am glad they are making it into a movie. I just need to read the book again before I see the movie. The preview captures it pretty well so far.

Tell me what you think and read the book. (By Alice Sebold)

: )

School Starts Soon

This has been a long wonderful break. We are kind of looking forward to going back to school...but also not of course. I have 19 credits and Luke has 18.5. Not fun! I look forward to learning new stuff, but I really just want to graduate! : )

Juice is in heat for the first time, which means we really need to watch her and make sure she is not alone outside(in case some un-fixed male dog shows up).

Luke and I both have been on a writing kick lately. We both are writing books! We are not very far yet, but it sounds good to us so far!

We are trying to think of what to do for our 3 year dating anniversary on February 14th.

Wow this post is not too exciting. We really didn't do much today. At all. We pretty much sat around and did nothing. Luke called Direct TV to complain why we got a notice in the mail for collection. Seriously this ordeal has been going on for at least a year now. It's getting old! They are terrible! But other then that, we sat around, watched a movie, and cleaned a little bit. The movie was the Sixth Sense. It was really good! Great acting, great cinematography, and compelling storyline. I loved it! Luke got it for me for Christmas and I am only sorry we didn't watch it sooner.

Hopefully my next post will be more exciting! ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We had Worship Band practice today for the Victory of the Lamb Church. It was pretty fun today! Sometimes it is a little stressful because one of the best guitarists in all of India now goes to our church. He is very forceful with what he thinks sounds good, but it is good to take a deep breath and think about who we are praising. : )

Cold today! Not too bad though. I would rather drive around in a bright and sunny, but cold day instead of a blustery and dark snow day.

We helped Mom and Dad clean part of their house today. Luke and Dad painted the ceiling of Doug's new room downstairs and also the walls. The color is beautiful! A brighter dark blue. Very nice! I can't wait until we get to pick out the colors for our rooms.

No jobs yet, but we will keep looking. My Mom gave me the number of a guy that works in Mentoring graphic design students so I am going to contact him to see if he has any tips.

It has been pretty stressful, but hopefully things will be looking up soon. I just need to keep positive...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's Start The Year

Not a lot going on since school has not started yet. We hope this blog will help us stay better connected with family!

Luke and I are bored, tell you the truth. Both of us are looking for work, preferable something we are interested it...but anything for money right now!

We just watched the entire 1st season of Glee. It makes me so happy inside! It also makes me want to jump on a plane to New York and try out for Broadway musicals. Sigh...but I guess watching this show will have to do for now.

I am also trying to try more recipes. Sad to say, most of these are sugary baked goods, which is not good for our New Years Resolution to eat better. I made Creme Brulee, which turned out pretty good. The custard was perfect, I just need to make the sugar on top a different consistency. It was too chunky...
I also made my trademark giant chocolate chip cookies. They are huge and delicious...but they use 3 sticks of melted butter....drool.

Luke and I have also been playing a lot of Rockband 2 this break! We have a nice little videogame band going on!

Well, on to the next project. We are cleaning out the computer room at Mom and Dad's so that we can paint it. This room is going to be Doug's new room when we move back in. I wish we didn't have to, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And it will be nice to be able to actually save some money!

Pray for us! Muah!