Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Weird Dream. It felt like Friday 2 days ago...

I had another weird dream. My friend Steph and her husband were in it along with Luke and our friend Zach. Steph and Zeke were staying over at our "house" and they were almost late for work in the morning. And somehow we ended up at a weird summer camp program in a gym that didn't have a roof. Zach was wandering around with balloons and placing them nicely onto the bleachers for the kids when they came back from the last activity. Some balloons were normal, with just air in them and some were filled with water, but still had a string on the end. Some guy was on the bleachers kept telling him that holding balloons wasn't a real job and that he should consider getting a real job. I must have been sitting on the bleachers behind them because I watched the whole thing. Then I shifted my attention to the gym floor to the left of the bleachers. The counselors and kids were performing or practicing some weird routine. It looked like a strange mix of cheerleading and show choir. Steph, Zeke, Luke, and I were all out of work so maybe that is why we were at the camp (who knows). Zeke jumped up on the bleachers, stretched out his arms, and started to act out his resume'. "I am organized, great with kids, and I see you don't have a clown at this fair...I can change that!" The people around started muttering agreeably. He would be an amazing clown!
After his performance, we were suddenly back at Luke's and my house. We were all rushing around because we had woken up late. I think a stopped watch was involved.

And that is my dream! It was weird and I may have left out a few details, but it is mostly complete I think.

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