Sunday, February 28, 2010

One More Week To Go

One more week and then it is Spring Break. I can't wait! I am going on tour with my College choir to Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, S.Carolina, N.Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia(not the exact order I don't think).
It will be a LOT of driving on a bus, but I am so excited!
Our free day is in Virginia where we could either go to Virginia Beach or Historic Williamsburg. I am going to the second one. It will be too cold to swim anyhow.

I am going to miss Luke, but I am sure he will be fine without me. I just feel bad because we have a lot of packing to do and he will spend a lot of his spring break doing that by himself.

Luke's band concert is today. The theme is Music and art. They are going to have a projector with art pieces down while the band is playing. I think it will be great.

If you all would pray for my grandpa Steuer, I would appreciate it. He is having heart trouble and his main valve(aortic valve) is very stuff, making his heart work too hard. I hope the liquid gets out of his lungs soon so they can operate and make him better. He is also very confused(I think I would be too). I got to visit him on Friday and he thought I was my aunt at first. Pray for Grandma Steuer as well please, she is very worried and if you know her then you know she doesn't get worried very often.

Thank you and have a great day! Off to hear some lovely music!

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  1. OHhhh that sounds like a cool concert! tell me houw it is !! can you bring me a program?