Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tour Info, G Update, and a Poem

Tomorrow I leave with the WLC choir to go on our annual choir tour. I am so excited! Not excited about leaving a 7:30am but it definitely could be worse.

Grandpa is doing pretty good I hear. He is being moved to New Berlin to rehabilitate and then they will do surgery after he is more stable. Prayers please!

I wrote two poems a little while ago. Kinda...sad...poems, but hey I was in a sad mood. You can read it if you want or just skip over. I kinda like them, but they are not my best.

The Runaway
By: Katy Walker

I stumble through briars and thorns
I cannot see clear anymore
Although I hear whispers, which might be your call
I cannot believe you would want me at all

My footsteps lessen and halt
My head does not know where to go
Although I hear sirens, which could be for me
Their search is unfruitful as it ever could be

I fall in a small trench and cave
I think I have broken my leg
Although I hear songbirds, which could mean daylight
I have no new hope as I once thought that I might

I have been having a better time since I wrote this poem. It helps me vent when I write poetry, which is probably a good reason why many of my poems are sad.

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