Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost another break

I have been pretty lax at updating this thing, but it has been pretty busy around the Walker household. We are in the process of moving the entire contents of our apartment into our new "apartment" at Mom and Dad's house. Uncle Lee helped us move furniture, boxes, and other large items last weekend. Now we just have a few more big items, boxes, clothes, and lots and lots of cleaning to do.

Our new rooms are pretty awesome. Dad was nice enough to combine the two rooms with a pocket door in the middle.

Today is the last day of school until next Wednesday. I am so happy! I love that I am privileged enough to go to school and earn my degree, but I have been having trouble finding the motivation for anything lately. Talking to others on campus, I am not alone!

Hmm...what a boring post.

I will talk about Grandpa. He is doing a bit better. He is going to be in a nursing home(hopefully by Friday) because the recent home he is in will not be covered by their insurance. Pray for him, ok? He is still a bit confused and needs all the prayers and love we can give him.

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