Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I decided to put some poetry on this blog. I love writing and have been interested in writing since I learned how. When I was in first grade I decided I wanted to be a writer. I wrote a book about a Zoo. The zookeeper messed up and gave the tigers fish and the seals steak and the giraffes seeds or something. I still have it somewhere and it is fun to look at something I put so much heart into when I was younger. I just found a nice poetry website where you can submit your own poetry for others to read and also look at famous poets' great masterpieces.
It is called and if you love poetry and writing it, you should check it out. Here is a poem that I wrote last year I believe. Enjoy!

I Lay Down In The Grass
By: Katy Walker

I lay down in the grass
And gazed upon the weeds
I wish I could just float away
Like dandelion seeds
They start life bright and yellow
But when they want to go
They dance and spin and steal the breeze
Upon it they do flow
It’s so unfair
I did declare
Before plucking one said stem
Dandelions have all the fun
And in anger I did stare
I watched the white and puffy weed
With malice undefined
Why can’t I be a dandelion?
Life’s unfair I cried
I took a giant breath
And blew against the weed
It held for but a moment
Before escaping in the breeze
I watched the dancing seeds
And as they floated by
I snatched one quickly by the skirt
And whispered one small cry
Oh little seed please take my wish
And help it to come true
Take to the air
And do take care
Let me someday leave too

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