Saturday, January 9, 2010


We had Worship Band practice today for the Victory of the Lamb Church. It was pretty fun today! Sometimes it is a little stressful because one of the best guitarists in all of India now goes to our church. He is very forceful with what he thinks sounds good, but it is good to take a deep breath and think about who we are praising. : )

Cold today! Not too bad though. I would rather drive around in a bright and sunny, but cold day instead of a blustery and dark snow day.

We helped Mom and Dad clean part of their house today. Luke and Dad painted the ceiling of Doug's new room downstairs and also the walls. The color is beautiful! A brighter dark blue. Very nice! I can't wait until we get to pick out the colors for our rooms.

No jobs yet, but we will keep looking. My Mom gave me the number of a guy that works in Mentoring graphic design students so I am going to contact him to see if he has any tips.

It has been pretty stressful, but hopefully things will be looking up soon. I just need to keep positive...


  1. When are you guys moving back in? I love reading your posts - keep them up!
    <3 Dawn

  2. We are moving back in around the beginning of April or end of march. Something like that. I will try to keep up the posts for sure. It's nice to have someone look at them!